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1 conformity with rules or standards; "the judge recognized the fairness of my claim" [syn: equity] [ant: unfairness, unfairness]
2 ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty [syn: fair-mindedness, candor, candour] [ant: unfairness]
3 the property of having a naturally light complexion [syn: paleness, blondness]
4 the quality of being good looking and attractive [syn: comeliness, loveliness, beauteousness]

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  1. The property of being fair.

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fairness in Russian: Справедливость
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achroma, achromasia, achromatosis, advantageousness, agreeability, agreeableness, albescence, albinism, albino, albinoism, anemia, ashiness, assured probity, auspiciousness, becomingness, beneficialness, benevolence, benignity, blamelessness, blondness, bloodlessness, bonniness, cadaverousness, candor, canescence, chalkiness, character, chloranemia, class, cleanness, cogency, comeliness, creaminess, cricket, deathly hue, deathly pallor, decency, desert, detachment, dimness, disinterestedness, dispassionateness, dullness, equitability, erectness, estimableness, evenhandedness, excellence, expedience, exsanguination, fadedness, faintness, fair play, fair shake, fair-mindedness, favorableness, fineness, first-rateness, frostiness, ghastliness, glaucescence, glaucousness, good character, good sportsmanship, goodliness, goodness, grace, grizzliness, haggardness, healthiness, helpfulness, high ideals, high principles, high-mindedness, hoariness, honesty, honor, honorableness, hypochromia, hypochromic anemia, immaculacy, impartiality, indifference, integrity, irreproachability, irreproachableness, justice, justness, kindness, lactescence, leukoderma, lightness, lividness, merit, milkiness, moral excellence, moral strength, muddiness, neutrality, niceness, nobility, objectivity, paleness, pallidity, pallidness, pallor, pastiness, pearliness, personableness, pleasantness, pleasingness, principles, prison pallor, probity, profitableness, pureness, purity, quality, rectitude, reputability, respectability, rewardingness, righteousness, sallowness, sickliness, sickly hue, sightliness, silver, silveriness, skillfulness, snowiness, soundness, sportsmanlikeness, sportsmanliness, sportsmanship, square deal, stainlessness, superiority, the fair thing, the handsome thing, the proper thing, unbiasedness, unimpeachability, unimpeachableness, unopinionatedness, unprejudicedness, unspottedness, uprightness, upstandingness, usefulness, validity, value, virtue, virtuousness, vitiligo, wanness, weakness, white, white race, whiteness, whitishness, wholeness, worth, worthiness
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